OlaGirls: The Lesbian Mediterranean Getaway

Can you imagine one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean just for lesbians?

Well, your wish is granted!


OlaGirls is an exciting cocktail of sun, sea, and beach in Calpe, Alicante. More than 2000 lesbian women experiencing the Mediterranean culture; enjoying life in the street with many activities to meet and interact with other women from our community. Three days of endless parties, concerts, beach activities, fun games, surprises, great tapas & wine, and more.


Calpe is a Mediterranean town that quietly boasts beaches of fine grain sand, turquoise-blue water flanked by a generous boardwalk, and the stunning rock of Ifach, that helps create the perfect micro-climate for sunning and playing by the sea. June is full of sunny days with temperatures ranging between 19 and 24 degrees. Calpe offers art, culture, beaches, music, OlaGirls and many more things. A paradise reserved just for us!


20% of lesbians travel on vacation to LGBT parties or events.
When they choose their travel destination, 66% select places with beaches and  warm weather.


We are a group of women who after experiencing the “supposedly” lesbian culture in Europe, came to the conclusion that we need a quality Mediterranean Lesbian Festival. LBGT events target primarily gay men and we have had enough!! So we decided to stop complaining, take action and create OlaGirls, the Lesbian Mediterranean Getaway. A group of women creating holidays specifically for lesbians.

Sorry guys, today the street is ours!